I feel guilty for having coffee and dinner with two different women over the course of this past month. One or both of them, I think to myself, will be hurt at some point in the future, when another is chosen to receive my romantic affection. [yeah, and presuming they don’t drop me first and so on, but that’s not the point]

I have been worrying about this, stressing over it, for days, wondering if there was any way I could have avoided it, if there was anything I should have done differently. Kicking myself for having gotten into this position.

Then just a few minutes ago, the opposite thought hit me.

I need to do this. It’s not just something that is a by-product of my lack of willpower. It’s not something I can avoid because it’s difficult, or even because it’ll hurt others. If I want to be sure of my next relationship, I need to meet and know more than one woman. Which means that — all arrogance aside — some other women will be hurt.

And I need to do it.